Mustang Club of America Scrapbook

This page provides links to download scanned versions of the Mustang Club of America Scrapbook.  This scrapbook documents the first two years of MCA, including the first Grand National Shows, correspondence to and from the club, and the original ad for organization, published in the Atlanta Constitution-Journal.  The scrapbook is oversize (11.5 x 14.5 inches), and each page could not be scanned in its entirely.  Consequently, you may see an artifact of splicing images to make up a scrapbook page.  There are 47 pages in total; some pages contain newsletters, by-laws, etc., that have also been scanned.  The files are quite large, and I've included the approximate size in the links below.  The files are .PDF format, readable with Adobe Acrobat 5.0 or higher.  Each page retains the original size; if you wish to print the pages, you'll have to scale the images to fit the printer page size.

Scrapbook pages 1-10, 4.8 Mbytes.  Contains original ad for organization, signatures of first meeting members, first letter to members, April, 1976 car show/meeting

Scrapbook pages 11-20, 5.8 Mbytes.  Contains pictures of second meeting/car show, ads in Hemmings, May, 1976 newsletter, June, 1976 meeting/car show, election of officers, First Grand National, August, 1976.

Scrapbook pages 21-30, 7.3 Mbytes.  Continuation of First Grand National Show, Correspondence to MCA from prospective members and other Mustang clubs, letter from Ford, Grand National Banquet and Program, May, 1977 Officers.

Scrapbook pages 31-40, 11.8 Mbytes.  Listing of 1977 Mustang Times, MCA By-Laws, 1977 Grand National ads and registration form (probably from an early Mustang Times), 1977 Grand National Program, Grand National Show Results (photos).

Scrapbook pages 41-47, 4.1 Mbytes.  Continuation of 1977 Grand National Show Results.

Notes on scanning and images.  Each scrapbook page measures approx. 11.5 x 14.5 inches.  Original scanned images of the top and bottom of each page were saved in .pcx format, 300 dpi, 16.7 million colors, apporximately 32 Mbytes in size each.  Each top/bottom scanned image was converted to .jpg format, and spliced, and then saved as a complete page, measuring 13 Mbytes.  No image enhancement was performed, such as correction for colors, hue, or texture.  The final page was de-sampled to 150 dpi and then saved as a .jpg format (approx. 800 kBytes), and converted to .pdf format at the original scale for placement upon the internet.  Requests for copies of the original scanned images or intermediate formats should be directed to the